3 Types of Combs Every Barbershop Must Have

Barber cutting the customer's hairThere are many tools you will need for you to run a successful barbershop. Hair clippers, combs, shears, razors, chairs, mirrors and brushes are some of the essential tools.

A comb is one of the indispensable tools for a consistently blended haircut. You should hence not forget it when shopping for your tools from an online shop of barber supplies. Here are some of the essential types of combs you need:

Flat top combs

These combs are stiff and heavy, which make them ideal for short and precise haircuts. A flat top comb can be used for the clipper over comb hair cutting technique since it has a smooth surface. This allows the clipper’s blade to slide smoothly across the comb. You can also use a flat top comb to control long thick hair when cutting with a clipper or scissors.

Scissor combs

There are two types of scissor combs you should have in your barbershop: large and small scissor combs. The large scissor comb is heavy-duty and will be used to remove bulk in a rough cut and control large amounts of hair. You can also use it for the scissor over comb technique. The small scissor comb is primarily meant for picking hair in the scissors over comb technique.

Clipper combs

A clipper comb is mainly used to blend back areas and short sides to the top. It is thin, hence can cut hair very close to the skin surface. The clipper comb also has a smooth surface and tightly packed teeth to allow for a well-blended cut.

A finishing comb is also a must-have for your barbershop. This comb is mainly used for the finish and semi-finish parts of a haircut. It is lightweight, thin, and hence easy to use around the perimeter with small hair quantities.