A Lost Tooth is Not a Lost Cause

Losing teethDental implant is like being left with a bad haircut. It can make that person feel self-conscious, afraid to go out and have a good time because they are worried about what others might think. Unfortunately, as most people probably know, natural adult teeth can’t grow back. But missing a single tooth or several teeth is only temporary for someone who is considering dental implants in Birmingham.

In Birmingham, dental implants are offered to patients who need natural-looking teeth to replace the ones lost. Whether a person is missing one tooth, a few or all of their teeth, dental implants can fill in the gaps to fulfil smiles and leave people feeling happy with healthy teeth. Practices like Sutton Implant Clinic in Birmingham offer this treatment to benefit both the aesthetics of smile and the oral health of their patients. By filling in the gaps, replacing missing teeth can prevent the disappearance of the jawbone and its surrounding tissues, meaning both the patient’s oral health and smile is restored.

The stages of dental Implants in Birmingham

Before a person goes through with the treatment, a consultation beforehand often puts the patient at ease. It means they are able to ask the dentist any questions they may have, especially for patients who feel extremely nervous about the procedure. Their mouth can then be thoroughly examined and medical history reviewed. This allows the dentist to suggest the treatment plan that will suit that individual, ensuring that they understand the ins and outs of the procedure.

Knowing the process of dental implants can alleviate nervousness, as there is nothing more daunting than the fear of the unknown. In cases of singular and multiple tooth loss, a small titanium screw is fitted into the jawbone. Once fused with the bone, the screw acts as an artificial root that can secure the replacement teeth. The number of artificial roots fitted depends on how many teeth need to be replaced, but it is unlikely that a patient will need as many implants as teeth. This is thanks to implant-retained bridges, where multiple teeth missing in a row can be held in place by one implant. Smiles all round.