Modern Technology for Kids: More Harm Than Good?

A photo of modern gadgetsYou may find it astounding that your 3-year-old knows how to use modern devices – maybe even better than you do. But, are these technologies safe for the newer generations? The answer is, technology can be a great friend but it can also be the worst enemy. To remain on the positive side, you should set limits for your kids and know when to switch the gadgets off.

Here are some reasons you should limit your children’s use of gadgets:

Their development is at risk

It can be very convenient for parents just to play an online video for their child, but you need to keep this activity to a minimum. Young kids still have very basic cognitive skills, so dealing with the information found online could overwhelm them. It is more beneficial for them to have actual collaborations with you.

Spend more meaningful time with them so that they will not choose devices over you. From reading books together to planning a weekend getaway in a New Jersey water park resort, creating a bond between you and your kids will be more helpful when it comes to their brain development.

Their eyesight is at risk

Looking at gadget screens for extended periods is harmful to the eyes, especially for children. The closer they hold these gadgets to their eyes, the more powerful the light exposure, and the higher the risk of possible eye damage.

Importance of house rules

You should develop some routines to bring your whole family together on a regular basis. Create a set of house rules, so kids will know that there is a limitation when using gadgets. Lead by example so you can inspire your kids to do the same.

Technology itself is not the source of the problem. What is important is how you and your family use it. Just as you monitor the food your family eats, you should also learn when the right time to introduce technology to your kids is. Make them realize that physical interactions are more fun and rewarding, instead of sitting all day using phones and tablets.