Not Feeling Rosy? See Other Flowers That Send Love Too

FloristWhether you’re having an anniversary, a birthday, or a wedding, flowers are a great option not only to crown your event but also to share your love, care, and hopes. On such special occasions where you need to share heartfelt messages, roses are usually the first option that most people go for, even without giving it a second thought.

But what if you could use other flowers to send your heartfelt messages as well? Below are four types of flowers that a wedding florist in Denver, CO advises to use to send love messages:


Irises blossom during the onset of the spring season, hence signifying hope. Send out these flowers to show that you have high hopes in the relationship and its future, especially if your love is young, or have had conflicts previously.


There’s a belief that carnations are the flowers of gods. These flowers are thus a perfect gift to tell the recipient that they’re above everything in your life. Carnations come in numerous colors; choose one color or a combination that pleases you.


Tulips assume a heart shape; they send out a meaning of sincere love to the recipient. Tulips, especially the red ones, signify perfect love, and there’s no better way to communicate your love than with these flowers.


Sunflower isn’t commonly used in expressing love, but it adds a special message when in a bouquet. The sunflower represents loyalty and a high level of commitment to the relationship.

Flowers are an excellent option to send out your feelings and message without saying a word. You can inquire more about the in-depth meaning of these flowers from florists to help you drive home your love messages right.