Straight and Healthy Teeth

close-up shot of a girl with coloured bracesThere are many ways to achieve straighter teeth without the inconvenience associated with wire-and-bracket braces. At modern day dentists in Liverpool, braces and aligners are discreet and convenient appliances. They can improve the alignment of the teeth efficiently and comfortably, giving patients a more appealing smile that’s better for their oral hygiene.

Personalised and effective

In Liverpool, braces and aligners are customised to fit the patient’s specific needs. One type of speedy and low-visibility treatment is known as Fastbraces. Available from contemporary dentists, like Liverpool Smile Studio, Fastbraces offer the patient a low-hassle treatment that gives impressive results.

What are the advantages of braces in Liverpool?

Fastbraces are a new type of wire-and-bracket dental brace constructed from tooth-coloured materials so that they don’t have an obvious visual impact. In many cases, they take less time than traditional braces to gently pressure the teeth into improved positions. They only use one wire and the patient will have fewer visits to the dentist while treatment is ongoing.

These discreet and effective Liverpool braces are useful for a variety of realignment needs. Open bites, crossbites and high canine teeth will all benefit from the innovative action of Fastbraces.

The process and its advantages

The first stage of the patient’s treatment is a conversation at their dental practice. While the patient talks about how they’d like to improve their dental alignment, the dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and overall oral health. When it’s clear that Fastbraces are the appropriate way to achieve what the patient wants, the dentist will produce a detailed treatment plan.

The dentist will let the patient know the duration of the treatment before Fastbraces are affixed to the teeth. Some cases may take just 20 weeks, while others may need up to a year. This compares favourably with the more usual two years required for braces in Liverpool.

Once braces are removed, a patient will have a better-looking smile and a set of teeth that are easier to keep clean. Their risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay is thus reduced, because there are fewer awkward areas amongst the teeth in which bacteria can hide away. Improving dental alignment is good for a person’s overall oral health.