What are the Advantages of Getting Braces in Cheltenham?

Woman wearing bracesThe effect that braces in Cheltenham can have on someone’s life varies depending on the patient. If they have been living with an imperfection in their smile for some time or they have been experiencing occasional or consistent pain then the impact of getting issues like these addressed can be positive and substantial.

Many practices, like Cheltenham Dental Spa, now offer braces in Cheltenham for adults so that someone can refine their smile and enjoy it even more than before. A clinic will usually ask a patient to come in for an initial consultation so that they can discuss what they want and so the dentist can take some scans and impressions. Once this is done, the course of the treatment can be planned.

Smile improvements

Braces in Cheltenham can achieve a range of movements with the teeth. This means that they can address single issues or a combination. These are just some of the possibilities:

  • Straightening – some form of straightening is inherent in most realignment plans. It is rare for someone to naturally have two rows of completely straight teeth. They can be rotated, crowded and too far forward or backwards. All of these issues can be addressed with braces in Cheltenham. Occasionally, someone will need to have a tooth or two removed in order to make room for realignment. This is only considered when absolutely necessary and always in consultation with the patient;
  • Close the gap – it’s natural for there to be a slight gap between teeth but, occasionally, they grow quite far apart and that gap can look obtrusive. In order to close a gap, there is often a need to move several teeth rather than just the ones either side of the gap. The spacing needs to be evened out. This can be achieved using braces;
  • Healthier teeth – a secondary benefit of teeth straightening is that it often leads to healthier teeth that are easier to look after. There are fewer places for food to get trapped and for plaque and tartar to build up;
  • Pain relief – misaligned teeth can cause pain in the teeth themselves as well as in the jaw and neck. All of this can be relived with realignment.