When Toothaches Affect Your Sleep

Dental Treatment in LakevilleAlthough everyone who has experienced a toothache knows how painful it can be, not everyone is aware of how seriously impairing and debilitating severe toothaches are. People who suffer from severe toothaches will experience problems with sleeping because the highly intense, unpleasant sensations they feel affect their body in more ways than one.

A major concern with severe toothaches is the sleepless nights they bring. Lack of sleep or sleep disturbances associated with intense toothaches can result in even more serious problems, such as the following:

1. Impaired cognitive and thinking abilities

Sleep has a critical role in your learning, thinking and cognitive abilities. So when you do not get enough sleep because of your severe toothache, you can hurt many of these cognitive processes. It can lead to diminished attention, reduced alertness, impaired concentration and weak reasoning. It can even decrease your problem-solving skills. All these can make it more difficult for you to learn efficiently or perform tasks.

2. Increased risk of health problems

Toothaches that are so intense it makes you lose sleep or have trouble sleeping can put you at increased risk of many different problems. These include heart problems (heart attacks, failures, and irregular heartbeats), hypertension, diabetes, even strokes.

3. Higher risk of getting into accidents

Because lack of sleep impairs your cognitive and thinking abilities, particularly your focus and concentration, it can actually put you at greater risk of getting involved in accidents. Drowsy driving is one of them. Not only will your lack of sleep caused by your intense toothaches increase your odds of getting involved in road accidents; it also contributes to the endangerment of other people who you share the road with.

Toothaches are oral health problems you need to address as soon as possible, according to the dentist from Miller Comfort Dental. They can cause more than just pain in your mouth. Since toothaches usually occur due to tooth decay and other dental problems, you should seek the services of a licensed dentist in Lakeville, MN right away as soon as you notice any symptom of tooth decay.