Yoga: The Benefits of This 5,000-Year Old Discipline

woman doing yoga exercisesYoga is a sacred discipline that has been around for over 5,000 years. It has many benefits, and many practitioners say it helps strengthen the body and mind. However, not everyone is aware of what the exact benefits are.

Many ashrams and meditation retreat centres have yoga courses that focus not only on the physical but also the mental aspect of health. This quality allows its benefits to affect not only your body but also your mind.


Yoga gives practitioners health benefits such as making bones become stronger and preventing osteoporosis. It also promotes blood flow and improves your blood circulation.

Yoga improves alertness and energy, and will also strengthen your immune system. Doing this physical and mental exercise lowers your chances of illness.


Yoga is a great way to lessen stress levels. Studies have also shown that it can help those who deal with depression. It stimulates the production of oxytocin, which is a natural hormone that improves mood.

If you aren’t sure on how to do yoga, there are many meditation retreats that will guide you how to begin your yoga training.


One of the many effects is that improves your flexibility and strengthens your muscles. Many athletes do yoga when they are recuperating, as it keeps their muscles strong while also allowing them to heal. Since it strengthens your muscles, it also helps improve your posture. The positions in yoga also help you keep good form.

Yoga has other benefits that go beyond the physical: it helps you focus, improves your mood, increases your self-esteem, makes you sleep better, and encourages self-care. All of these could start from a few minutes of yoga every day.

If you think yoga is for you, make sure to choose the right fitness centre, ashram, or meditation retreat that has a good yoga course that suits beginners and advanced yoga practitioners.