2 Simple Suggestions for a Doctor’s Time Management

Doctor Scheduling Checkup with ClientDoctors are like other members of the workforce, except that they are largely responsible for other people’s health and lives. Like most people, they need to take care of themselves, too. They go through difficulties and challenges at work; they feel stress, and they celebrate when they are successful at something, such as getting a patient better after a long battle with a disease.

When you’re a doctor, you also want to be more efficient at work. You want to achieve the highest level of patient satisfaction. Here are two simple suggestions on how you can do it:

Always Come in Early

Make it a habit to start working early, or at the very least, stick to your schedule, especially if you are the only doctor for miles around. This is the case in many countryside locations, where the next doctor’s clinic or hospital is hours away. In such places, a doctor is never really off duty. So, it’s important that you see as many patients as possible within your regular office time. When you come in late, you might spend the rest of the day trying to catch up.

Use Dictation Instead of Longhand

You’ve got charts, hospital notes, and patient notes, among others. You can save a lot of time by using technology instead of the old-fashioned pen and paper. There are some types of software specifically for medical speech recognition; SayIt is a prime example. It is cloud-based, so for as long as you are connected to the web, you can access your dictated notes using your device from anywhere.

To save time and to make sure your notes are more accurate, dictate as soon as possible. You can even dictate during your time with the patient; nobody will stop you. Imagine all the hours wasted because you had to stop and write, and more hours down the drain while trying to remember your patient check-up and what plans you had for them.

These two are very simple suggestions, but they can help you focus more on your practice, become more efficient and productive, and avoid burning out.