3 Nifty Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception More Charming

Outdoor wedding receptionOn your big day, there’s much more to be concerned about than just the ceremony itself. The reception, after all, is just as important as the exchange of vows. You would want to make the reception as unforgettable as possible, as it’s what caps off the occasion. A well-planned wedding reception goes a long way in impressing your guests and making sure they talk about what happened in the weeks and months to come.

Light Up the Place

It doesn’t matter if your reception is in a hotel ballroom or a resort garden, as a good set of lights can change the overall vibe of any venue. Hanging lights are a great idea, and it doesn’t always have to be Christmas lights.

For sure, you can talk to your provider of wedding decoration rentals to supply you with cafe lights, lanterns, and maybe even chandeliers. Lighting design, as alexanevents.com and other experts noted, is a core part of organizing a wedding. Turn that generic-looking venue into an intimate haven for you and your loved ones. This works best in venues with high ceilings.

Change the Centerpieces

Sure, flowers look great, but who says these have to be the centerpiece for your reception? If you want to give your occasion some extra pizzazz, mixing things up should be one of your top options. Maybe use terrariums or pair flowers with candles. A variance between tall and short centerpieces also works well for some visual contrast.

Mind the Tiny Details

Small details may not seem much, but these contribute to the overall atmosphere of the place if viewed together. Some additional decor to highlight certain areas of the venue is a good idea. Smaller lights, hanging wall decor, and some drapes are enough to set this up. Of course, when it comes to this option, the only limit is your budget and creativity so feel free to explore.

With these tips, there’s no excuse for your reception to be lackluster. Make it special and make it memorable.