3 Possible Mistakes You are Making When it Comes to Jewelry Care

Jewelry necklaceYour jewelry is certainly one of the most attractive and expensive things you own, but how do you treat it? Some people treat their jewelry in a manner bad enough to make jewelers cringe.

If you are doing any of the following things to your gems, then you need to change.

Not taking it for professional cleaning

The reason you see a sleek car driving around is that its owner takes good care of it. That should be the case when it comes to your jewelry. Surely, you wouldn’t go for years without taking your car for maintenance, so why do you never take your jewelry for a tune-up by an experienced jeweler in Utah?

Some jewelers even offer this essential service for free.

Failing to clean the jewelry yourself

No, it’s not enough to take your jewelry for professional cleaning. You too need to take the time to clean the piece yourself. Don’t wait until your rings are completely covered with dirt under the prongs before taking it for cleaning.

Investing in a microfiber cloth and some mild dish detergent is a great idea. Clean your pieces well using some warm water.

Showering while wearing your jewelry

An occasional dip in the pool while wearing your jewelry won’t do much harm, but if you have made it a habit of showering while wearing your jewelry, then it will suffer for it. Steam can loosen the glue holding parts of your jewelry together with time.

And soap scum has undesirable effects on your jewelry that are hard to remove. If you can help it, take off all your jewelry before showering.

Jewelry maintenance is, for the most part, quite easy and inexpensive. By stopping habits that are harmful to both the appearance and functionality of your gems, you can keep them in top shape for a long time.