3 Ways to Explore London’s Gastronomic Scene

Indian Restaurant in LondonThe food in Great Britain is, well, great. From classic British favorites like fish and chips, pudding and meat pies to a lovely pint of ale, England has it all. But for the entire world of its cuisine and food culture, perhaps the best samples of it can be found at the capital itself. For culinary adventurer both local and visiting alike, British food is a must to try! If you want a taste of England, here are three venues you can visit to relish the hearty food scene of London.

Fine Dining

If you fancy the finer things in life, then going fine dining is your go-to option. This said, Great Britain has a lot to offer the food lover with the discerning tongue. With England being a colonial power in the recent centuries, they have assimilated the many cultures of their colonies in the past, cuisine included. Because of this, the capital is dotted with restaurants serving a variety of cuisines such as Indian, Thai, North African, Chinese, Italian, et cetera. If you want Indian cuisine, for instance, you can find a great Indian restaurant in London. To get the high-class taste of the Britain, simply book reservations at any restaurant you fancy in the capital.

Classic Pub

If you want to do away with all the posh dining, and feel the real gastronomical culture of Britain, then nowhere will you find this than in the classic pub. Pubs are local establishments where people gather to socialise, drink their favourite brew and eat the finest British grub. If you want to feel that genuine British vibe, then the pub is the best place for you. In fact, pubs are so popular that they are considered to be a British cultural staple.

Walk the Streets

Not all foodies were created the same. While some fancy fine dining, or the warm company of pubs, some just want to eat on the go. If you are a food lover who likes mobile eating, then street food is for you. With the abundance of street markets and street food stalls in the city, you can always go guerilla with your food adventure. Take a stroll out in the night and discover this world of amazing eats. Meat pies, grilled cheese sandwiches and puddings are up for grabs in the London street food scene.

If you are packing your bags for England, bring your appetite with you!