4 Reasons to Advice Your Patients to Keep Wearing Retainers

Woman wearing bracesFinally removing your patient’s braces is one of the biggest milestones for the both of you. However, their orthodontic journey does not end there. You have to make sure that they wear their retainers after their braces are off to keep their teeth aligned and perfect.

Dental appliance expert Orthodenco Orthodontic Lab suggests you should always advise your patients to wear their Hawley retainer designs after their braces are gone. Give them this list, so they know the benefits of continuously wearing their retainers.


The braces might have aligned all their teeth, but the soft tissues and bones have to get used to their new positions. If they do not wear their retainers, chances are their teeth will move again, which will revert everything to their original position.

New Growth

It is possible for adults to grow new teeth, especially wisdom teeth. Advise them that using retainers will make sure that they have enough space to accommodate new teeth, as well as eliminate the chances of their teeth moving due to the new teeth.


Retainers help the bones align with the gums. The braces are worn to allow the teeth to move to their right places, and when this happens, the gums and the bones surrounding those teeth follow.

The retainers are there to help stabilize and accelerate the permanent positioning of their teeth, gums, and bones.

Preventing Reversal

Their teeth can easily move back to their original positions once their braces are off. The retainers prevent this from happening, which is why they must wear it at all times. Every single person has to wear his or her retainers for a specific amount of time

Make sure to tell them how long they need to wear their retainers, and advice them to wear it religiously.

As a dental practitioner, you surely know what to tell your patients. However, by showing them this list, you will convince them further to wear their retainers properly.