A Look at Clinical Hypnosis for Chronic Pain Management

Chronic Pain Management in SydneyPain is something that every human being has to experience at some point in his life. Chronic pain is that kind of pain that has been persistent for at least six months. Up to 45 percent of Americans experience chronic back pain while 75 percent of all patients in advanced cancer stages also suffer from chronic persistent pain. More people seek alternative pain management techniques because of perceived ineffectiveness of medications and physical treatments.

Sydneyphysiotherapist.com.au says that this is where clinical hypnosis comes in.

Why Clinical Hypnosis?

Pain can lead to extreme cases of physical and emotional stress. Unfortunately, the greater the stress that you experience, the more severe and more profound the pain. It is this mind and body connection that forms the basis of hypnotherapy, or the use of hypnosis as a method of treatment.

How Does It Work?

Physiotherapy in Sydney and other states work by turning off your conscious awareness and stimulating your inner consciousness. In effect, the hypnotherapist – or in this case, the physiotherapist – is teaching your brain to block off the pain signals so you do not necessarily experience the pain anymore.

A therapist will induce hypnosis by giving you suggestions for comfort and relaxation. So if you are pretty familiar with guided imagery, it works on the same principle but targets the deeper part of the consciousness. After the clinical hypnosis session, the therapist can continue giving you instructions or suggestions to further reduce the pain. These post-hypnotic suggestions work to control the pain long after the session is over.

When the therapist hypnotises you, you experience a handful of physiologic changes such as significant increases in alpha brain wave activity as well as slowing of the pulse rate and breathing. These relaxes you and puts your mind at an ease, making you more receptive, more open, to suggestions.

Is Clinical Hypnosis Effective?

There are numerous studies that show clinical hypnosis is very effective in the management of chronic pain states such as those from advanced cancer, low back issues, arthritis, sickle cell disease, fibromyalgia, temporomandibular joint disorders, and physical disabilities. Studies have also shown that clinical hypnosis is a much more effective chronic pain management technique than education and relaxation exercises.

More people are freeing themselves from the clutches of chronic pain. With clinical hypnosis, you too can be free from chronic pain.