Addressing Binge Eating Through Non-Pharmacologic Ways

Binge EatingEverything should be done in moderation, even eating. Whether you gain a lot of weight or not after excessive eating, you should try and stop the habit right away because it can cause major problems in the future.

Managing excessive or binge eating is not easy, but with patience and support, you should be able to overcome this unhealthy habit-turned-disorder.

Goals and Target

There are various therapies for binge eating that aim to help patients get over binge eating. Most patients that suffer from this disorder has problems with their self-esteem and relationships.

For example, the cognitive behavioral therapy focus on the thoughts and attitude of patients about excessive eating and their image. Other therapies help them cope up with problems in their relationships that made them fall into this disorder in the first place. This way, the person will hopefully be able to control his food intake.

Management and treatment

Binge eating disorder treatments may seem simple when all you basically need to do is to eat healthy. What makes this hard though is that you still have to eat, which is what you have been doing already.

There are various techniques, aside from drugs and therapies, you may consider to help you eat right.

  1. Stress management. Since most eating disorder is a result of psychological stress, you should focus on eliminating stressors in life which give you the urge to eat a lot. Otherwise, learn or ask for help to cope up with what you are going through.
  2. Healthy eating. Aside from eating a balanced diet, you also have to have a healthy way of diet – that is eating the right amount of food at the right time. Do not skip a meal as much as possible because this will only urge you to eat more on your next meal.
  3. Do not diet. And the diet here means going through a series of starvation to get a Victoria’s Secret Angel look. As mentioned before, you have to eat healthy and instead of aiming to be slim and skinny, aim for a look that is fit.
  4. Exercise. Exercising is like hitting two birds with one stone. Through this, you are able to improve not only your body but also your mind. It also naturally reduces your stress.
  5. Get a hobby. Eating should not be your hobby. Get something else to do to take your mind off of eating. You can simply walk around the block or learn new things. Have something to distract you like going out with friends and family.
  6. Sleep right. Getting the right amount of sleep also boosts your health – both of the mind and the body. Check your sleeping schedule and make it work with your eating schedule.

You should try all or a combination of these, but the best help you can have is yourself, with all the discipline, willingness, and conviction inside you.