Are Dentist’s Charges Increasing?

Dentist in ChepstowAre dentist’s charges increasing? A recent announcement from the government says that there will be an increase for basic treatments at the start of 2017.

Though cosmetic treatments are actually becoming more affordable, basic dental care overall is becoming more expensive. MiSmile, an Invisalign network operating in Chepstow and the rest of England, has completed over 1,000 treatments since they started. This number is only increasing, proving that cosmetic dentistry is indeed on the rise.

On the other hand, the UK is also in the midst of a dental crisis. Some people blame the NHS for a lack of treatment options, making basic dental care more difficult to obtain.

Rising Costs

The NHS announced that there will be a 5% rise in NHS treatments for the beginning of 2018. A routine examination will cost around £20, while crowns can go up to £240.

Since the NHS relies on its citizens to pay fees on dental bands, the changes are supposed to affect only the ones who can afford it. Those who want to pay for better dental treatments will have to pay at a higher band rate.

These higher rates will improve the overall operating costs of dental services, and will help the NHS accommodate people with low incomes. Children, pregnant women, and low-income earners will receive free dental treatment.

Price Hikes May Discourage Patients

Not all dentists are happy with the NHS decision to increase dental fees. Henrik Overgaard-Nielsen, a representative from the British Dental Association, believes that the price hike is ‘unprecedented’ and that the higher dental charges will only discourage patients from seeking out dental care.

The money will not go to the dentists themselves, but will convert into taxes instead. Overgaard-Nielsen believes that this price hike singles out the patients, forcing them to subsidise the health service. He also believes that it will put a strain between dentists and their patients.

While the price hike is unfortunate, the NHS will continue to increase it regardless of the backlash.