Battling Dental Anxiety as an Adult

Scared patient during her dental visitFear of the dentist is considered perfectly understandable in children the sound of the drill, the potential for pain and the clinical environment can all frighten a child. Once patients reach adulthood, there seems to be less understanding to spare and even a stigma attached to being afraid of the dentist. However, the fact is that in the UK around one in four adults is anxious about visiting the dentist.

Thankfully, today the dental community does understand how widespread dental anxiety is and the consequences this can have on a patient’s well-being. A dentist for nervous patients in London, such as Care Dental Platinum, will therefore take the time to help patients overcome their fears. Knowing this, patients can go into their dental clinic with confidence and expect to receive a warm and compassionate welcome.

Below are a few things nervous patients can keep in mind when visiting their dentist.

Build up to it

For those with dental phobia, throwing themselves in the deep end isn’t a good idea. Instead of booking an appointment for a check-up or treatment and hoping for the best, patients can visit a London dentist for nervous patients before their scheduled appointment. They can familiarise themselves with the dental clinic environment and have a chat with the administration staff.

Patients can then book an appointment with their dentist to just talk through their fears and concerns about their dental health, without having to lie back in the dental chair just yet. This also gives both the dentist and the patient time to get to know each other.

On their next scheduled visit to have their check-up or treatment, a patient will now be more likely to feel at ease.

Ask for help

A dentist for nervous patients in London is trained in how to talk to patients in a calming manner and is there to ensure patients get the care they need.

Patients worried about dental pain needn’t try to push that worry down. Instead they can ask their dentist for help. A London dentist for nervous patients can then lay out the options for pain relief as well as dental sedation. Some dental clinics provide complimentary gas and air with every treatment.