Benefits of Physical Therapy to Post-Stroke Patients

Physiotherapists in SydneyPatients who have suffered cerebrovascular accident or stroke can present a variety of problems. Because the brain is pretty much in control of everything the body does, stroke technically robs the individual of his ability to purposely control his movements. While you may be correct to assume that stroke is not often fatal, the debilitating complications can sometimes be worse than death itself.

Fortunately, there are plenty of post-stroke therapies intended to help the patient make optimum use of his reduced function. If you know someone who has had a stroke, you might want to suggest physical therapy to him.

Physical Therapy in Post-CVA Patients

Post-stroke rehabilitation requires the training and conditioning of the human body to make full use of whatever strength and functionality he has left. Because a great majority of stroke patients will present with problems in mobility, the physical therapist is thus placed in the best possible position to help the patient.

Physical therapy utilizes a specific body of knowledge to optimize movement of body parts. When used in the rehabilitation of stroke patients, Sydney City physiotherapists like Ergoworks Physiotherapy and Consulting Pty Ltd helps individuals how to move optimally. Additionally, they are taught how to use physical therapy devices to aid them in their activities of daily living.

  • Physical therapy helps post-stroke patients relearn basic movements such as walking and getting out of bed.
  • Physical therapy also helps patients learn how to properly use mobility assistive devices including how to handle them, how to walk with them, and how to use them to support their body weight.
  • Physical therapy also trains patients on the performance of specific exercises intended to strengthen the compromised muscles. Often because of disuse, muscles lose their strength and tone so that they are not able to carry out their functions anymore. Physical therapy aims to return muscle strength and tone to the post-stroke patient.
  • Physical therapy also teaches post-stroke patients how to improve their balance as well as how to perform and accomplish new tasks, given their compromised state.

Physical therapy is a mainstay of stroke rehabilitation. It forms one of the essential therapies needed to improve the quality of life of patients who have recently suffered a stroke.