Bet You Didn’t Know: Skiing Secrets That Will Blow Your Mind

Friends Skiing Want to be a great skier? Want to know where you can get some privacy while skiing—and more facts that’ll astound you? Well, here are some of the best-kept secrets of the skiing world—divulged just for you.

Triage in Skiing

If you’re going on skiing chalet holidays, it’s best to keep the word “triage” in mind. While it’s usually used to determine the state of hospital patients, in the world of skiing, it is about your “ski level”. Therefore, when you say that you’re a pro, you might be placed in a group of pros…and you might have to do tricks that are quite dangerous, so it’s best to stay safe and know which level you’re actually in.

A Rare Gem in France

While most skiing spots are in Scotland, France actually houses a rare, private skiing spot, and it is called St. Francois Longchamp. This majestic spot has direct access to the pistes of Le Grand Domaine, has great architecture, and has spots for both solo travellers, and groups. Self-catering accommodations are available, as well.

Not all Ski Instructors Are Created Equal

If you want to learn how to properly ski during your holiday, ask one of your potential ski instructors what their skills are—or better yet, ask around.

You see, anyone can be an expert skier, sure, but that does not automatically mean he’s a great teacher, too. Check for certifications, and just ask your peers or people in the area what this person’s experiences are to see if he fits with your expectations.

Skiing + the Northern Lights

If you want a different kind of skiing experience, you might as well try going to Finland.

Go to Pyha, specifically. Why? Well, aside from a homey, traditional, and comforting atmosphere, there’s also a big chance that you’ll see the northern lights—making your skiing experience all the more unforgettable.

Skiing is not just fun—there are definitely lots to know about it, too. The next time you ski, think about these things, and you will definitely be ahead of the race.