Better Hearing, Safer Flight

Imagine a world without sound. On one end there won’t be a One Directioner or a Belieber fighting one another over which is a better musical act; on the other hand, you wouldn’t be able to know a plane is fast approaching until it’s visible in the sky. It’s definitely an ugly picture and as such each aviation expert, be it a pilot or maintenance crew, must treasure hearing or lose a means of living in the process.

Communication is Vital

If you’ve been made to appease a one-year-old denied of sweets, you know how excruciating one-way communication is. Nevertheless, communication is not only an important tool in our daily lives, it’s vital in business.

This is more apparent inside an aircraft’s cockpit. Any form of miscommunication between air traffic controllers and a pilot could be fatal. And history is replete with plenty of heart-breaking air tragedies due to faulty messaging.

Also, such accidents highlight the need for a pilot to discern information from all the surrounding noise. To note, a pilot knows his plane by ear. Any deviation in the noise that his aircraft brings should be enough to tell him something is off.

Fine Hearing

Ever since the success of the Wright Brothers, noise (e.g., transmission systems, hydraulic and electrical actuators) has become a pilot’s constant companion. Getting the message right, therefore, is an uphill climb for many aviators.

Because of increasing noise exposure, says aviation hearing protection is highly-recommended for pilots. The device, in its various forms (e.g, earplugs, earmuffs, or active noise reduction headsets) lessens noise to more acceptable levels. In effect, this makes them an effective tool against hearing loss.

Most important of all, these devices do not interfere with speech communication. Thus, even when a pilot and his co-pilot are both wearing one, communication between them remains clear and comprehensible.

When pilots hear better, their capacity to fly passengers safely from point A to point B is enhanced – making flights a lot safer in the process.