Braces 101: Getting to Know Your Braces

Getting to Know Your BracesThe world of orthodontics has grown exponentially throughout the years. People can get better, stronger, whiter teeth with just a quick trip to the dentist. Advanced medicine and techniques has pave the way for safer and less painful ways to fix your smile such as modern anaesthesia to help root canals and tooth extractions seem like a breeze. Of all the ways that dentists can help you, the most common way to fix a smile are braces. Here are the four types of braces you need to know before you get one in your local dentist here at Battersea.

Metal Braces

These braces are the most common braces in the market. It has been the poster child of what braces look like throughout the years. Being the most common it is also the least expensive of all the braces in the list. It’s simple and does the job well but the only downside is that it’s the most noticeable of all the braces.

Ceramic Braces

These braces look and feel the same as of metal braces. The big difference is what the ceramic braces look like. They mimic the colour of your teeth so it is less noticeable than the metal ones. Although these braces look better than showing metal in your smile, it does ask for a little bit more money because it is quite more expensive than the basic metal brace and it is also prone to discolourations if not taken cared of well.

Clear Braces

According to, one of the more advanced types or braces are clear braces. They look like mouth guards when you first look at them and all of them are specially designed just for the customer.

The biggest upside of these braces is that they look almost invisible and can easily be cleaned so you can eat whatever you want and not get food stuck in between. The biggest downside is that it is expensive because you need to replace them with new ones every three to four weeks.

Lingual Braces

The last braces that we’ll talk about are lingual braces. These are braces that are put inside of your teeth itself so from there the biggest upside is that it cannot be seen from the front. The downsides are that it is also more expensive rather than the basic metal ones and that it is very hard to clean because they are on the inside.

Braces are one of the most common ways to make your smile look better and armed with this knowledge of what types of braces are there, you can decide on whatever fits your standards and budget.