Breakups and Travels: It’s Time to Move On

Man comforting his heart broken friendBreakups happen, even to the best couples. Everyone goes through the unpleasant cycle of crying, saying goodbye, and trying to move on with life.

A typical move on “starter pack” includes the usual: shopping therapy, working out, wild night with the friends, or ice cream. But if you want to escape lingering feelings and gain a new perspective, book a trip.

An overseas or local trip offers the opportunity to break away from it all. It doesn’t matter where you want to go; you can enjoy the sun at Catalina Island or look for a winter wonderland up north. Wherever you go, the goal is simple: to forget.

Here are more reasons to book that flight:

Stop the Reminders

After a breakup, everything will remind you of the ex: that couple holding hands down the street, your local grocery’s choice of music, and so on. When you pass by the ex’s street, part of you wishes to move to a new city to rid yourself of painful memories.

Traveling partially fulfills this request. You go somewhere new, a place where you didn’t make any memories. Occasionally, mental triggers happen, but consider your trip as a catalyst for change. Make new memories with the new place.

The Right Distraction

Vacations fall under the “Happiest Life Moments” category; you’re going to have the time of your life.

A trip distracts your brain from the pain. You’ll be too busy processing each itinerary, as well as the new information on each location. You’ll have plenty of activities in one trip; it’s difficult to remember your ex when you are busy skydiving or choosing souvenirs.

Your New Foot Forward

Dwelling on the past and what could’ve been done is a natural cycle after breakups. In some cases, it’s what holds an individual back.

Taking a trip somewhere forces you to move forward. Every day, you have to focus on getting from point A to point B. As you see new sights, you gain a fresh perspective on your current situation and the encouragement to move on.

A vacation is one of the best ways to heal a broken heart. If you’re experiencing trouble letting go, traveling pries your fingers away from emotional baggage—paving a new way for a new you.