Bring the Delicious Crustacean Taste to Your Favorite Dishes with Lobster Base

Dish with Lobster BaseLobsters are a true treat to the palate, as their flavor alone could enhance different dishes. With the use of a base, you can add a lobster taste to many dishes for the fraction of the actual cost of an entire crustacean delicacy.

Though there are many lobster base recipes in the market, it is mostly made out of boiled down lobster shells. Some recipes add in onions, wine, celery tops, thyme, crab shells, and other flavors to the mix. You remove the solids and what is left is the base.

Using a base is not only an affordable way to get the most flavor, but it also one of the easiest ways. Imagine, you don't have to buy a lobster and do the boiling on your own. You can simply take a scoop and blend it into the recipe. Here are some examples where you can use a lobster base:

Lobster Chowder

With lobster meat, the base could be used to make the soup taste more like a lobster. The base blends the lobster flavor with the potatoes, parsley, onions, butter and other chowder staple with every serving.

Chicken Pasta Fra Diavolo

Even if this does not have a lobster or any seafood as the main ingredient, a lobster base could add a hint of crustacean taste to it. In this chicken pasta dish, the lobster base provides a harmony between the “mar y tierra” (sea and land) flavors.

Lobster Dip

Mixed in with cream cheese, onions, pepper, and other ingredients, the lobster base in this dip recipe could boost the taste of certain appetizers. This starter is a good choice with goat bread.

Lobster base is a versatile ingredient that entices the taste buds of food enthusiasts. Aside from soups, pastas, and appetizers, it can be an ingredient to whatever your creative imagination leads to.