Brits: More Scared of Dentists than Spiders

DentistsOne of the oldest threats to dental health is not actually an oral disease, but the fear of the dentist. Dental phobia is a pandemic, which the British shares along with the rest of the world. Despite the advent of modern technology to make procedures relatively more comfortable, many Brits still cannot help but feel afraid of the dentist’s chair.

While it is easy to conclude that many developed this centuries-old anxiety through bad first-hand experience or inaccurate hearsay, Anxiety UK has dug deeper into the issue and understand why people are still having nightmares about dentists.

Fear of Pain

Did you know the Brits are more afraid of dental procedures than spiders? Thirty-three per cent of respondents to the Anxiety UK’s survey revealed that they get great anxiety towards routine dental check-up, as opposed to the 25 per cent that feels the same way about the eight-legged arachnid.

One of three persons said they have a fear of needles, fearing that the injection might work or the dose is not enough to eliminate pain effectively. Especially for those who really need Sutton Coldfield dental implants, dental phobia causes them to delay receiving the treatment.

New View of Dentists

While certain procedure might really sting, the real key is to let out your worries to your dentist. If you have not seen a dentist in years, you would be surprised that these days they are more open to listening to your concerns.

Modern dentists have developed soft skills to interact with patients. Unlike the stiff image of dentists you have always known, 21st-century dentists are warm and friendly. They are willing to work with you to overcome your anxiety.

Making a personal decision to beat dental anxiety is the first step to overcoming your condition. If you give your dentist, and yourself, a chance, you would realise that what your fear is not as strong you think.