Chasing Down a Daydream: Why a Rapunzel-Themed Wedding Isn’t Far Off

Rapunzel-Themed Wedding in MelroseFor anyone who loves Rapunzel — and it doesn’t matter how old you are — having a Tangled-themed wedding is the dream. Unfortunately, not everybody has the money to spend for a fantastic yet pricey ceremony at Disney World. Don’t worry about it, though, because you and your future spouse don’t need to go to the actual theme park to feel the magic during your special day.

Here is how you can turn the usual exchange of vows into something as magical as Rapunzel’s golden hair.

A Magical Venue

Before anything else, you need a naturally beautiful location for your wedding venue. Rapunzel is a Disney princess, but she’s a relatively laid back individual. As such, the place doesn’t have to be overly elegant. In fact, it should be, as demonstrates, casually sophisticated.

A Floral Setting

Rapunzel’s hair received its magical healing power from a rare flower, so it makes sense to see flowers everywhere during the wedding ceremony. It will be easy to surround your venue with them if you and your spouse are planning a spring wedding. During the summer, flower crowns are always a good idea.

No matter which season you decide to tie the knot in, however, those yellow, purple, and white flowers will surely brighten up your Tangled-themed day.

A Bright Arrangement

Finally, what is a Tangled-themed wedding without floating lanterns? To recreate the illuminated sky from Rapunzel and Eugene’s romantic boat ride at your venue, put up fairy lights across the ceiling. You can even set up paper lanterns as a centerpiece for the tables. Weather permitting, you and your guests could enjoy a lantern releasing activity as well.

When Eugene sings to Rapunzel on the boat, he reflected about all those days chasing down a daydream and what he felt since meeting her. With proper planning and an attention to detail, your Tangled-themed wedding shouldn’t have to be a daydream either.