Commercial Cooking Equipment Restaurants and Caterers Can Never Go Without

Kitchen and Catering EquipmentsRestaurants and catering businesses rely heavily on special types of equipment for their operations to run smoothly. This is understandable because they have more people to feed and their kitchens are much busier than any typical home kitchen.

Good thing, kitchen equipment manufacturers also create products for commercial use. With commercial cooking equipment designed especially for food businesses, owners can efficiently process, store, and cook food for their clients and customers.


A restaurant owner can’t make a customer wait for an hour just because their small, light-duty oven can’t roast more than one piece of meat or bake more than one pastry at a time. This makes less sense if it’s a 200-seater restaurant. Big ovens, particularly the convection type, are absolutely needed when preparing food for many people. They are equipped with features that allow fast and efficient cooking, which is highly important in a busy kitchen.

Induction Ranges

Some dishes require a certain precision in heat control and cooking technique to achieve the right taste, consistency, and texture. What’s more challenging is having discriminating customers whose taste buds are hard to please. Good thing there are induction ranges designed to provide precise control and temperature when cooking. It is more convenient to use than the more traditional gas range.

Cooling Equipment

Ingredients – from meats, poultry, and fish to fruits and vegetables – should stay fresh. This is where cooling equipment like fridges and freezers enter the picture. These kitchen essentials come in a range of sizes, depending on the food cooling and storage needs of a food business. Other than keeping ingredients fresh all the time, fridges and freezers are also needed to comply with food safety regulations imposed by the government.

Thanks to commercial-grade kitchen equipment, food businesses can make the operations easier while providing quality food to their customers. Anyone who is planning to venture into this kind of business should realise the importance of buying high quality equipment that suits not only their requirements but industry standards as well.