Cosmetic Dentistry Refresher: What’s Hot and What’s Not

DentistBeauty takes different forms each year. That is not to say that last year’s version was less pretty, it is just that there is something hotter this season. Fashion is the foremost example of this, and its scope is actually so wide that one can classify anything trendy as something fashionable. From clothes and technology to diets and vices, there is something fashionable in everything that people do.

Most people would not expect it, but the same trends are also partly true in terms of dentistry. It is quite strange to hear at first, as teeth are permanent. So, either this is a fleeting trend or it is something a person has to commit to for life.

Thankfully, cosmetic dentists are around to help. Harley Street Dental Clinic says that cosmetic dentistry will continue to be steady in popularity this year, with some of the projected trends including the following:

Peak Whitening is Sloping

Teeth whitening is not just about blue light and bleaching. Veneers also provide a form of whitening due to their on-the-surface application. Nonetheless, teeth whitening is slipping off its high throne. Some people now find the piano-white shine on teeth unsightly, and are choosing a more subtle shade of white.

Gold Teeth’s Sunset

A very nice piece of news, the allure of gold teeth or gold plating of teeth is slowly losing its allure. Not a lot of people in Britain would see this as a loss, but gold teeth are popular in some places across the globe. As a subculture, Eastern Europeans and some fashionistas are purveyors of gold teeth, and though they may not count high compared to the general population, they will consider it as a loss.


An article about beauty is not complete without mentioning an inspiration. This time, the most sought after looks come from the Duchess of Cambridge, Catherine. Her imperfection is one thing normal people can hope to achieve, and it is in her teeth. Thanks to her, there has been a rise in stained veneers and overlays. After all, if it looks good on Princess Kate, why would it not for everybody else?

It never hurts anyone to try to look better. If a permanent fix would mean getting permanently prettier, it can only be good. As for quick fixes, there is nothing wrong with being more recognisable for a night.