Dental Implants: The New Gold Standard for Replacement Teeth

Senior with Missing ToothWhen you lose a tooth, all of your remaining teeth are indirectly affected, which can eventually lead to further tooth loss over time. The reason for this is that once a tooth is lost, the jawbone underneath it begins to shrink. This shrinkage is due to the natural process of resorption which results in the bone where the tooth root once was disappearing. The resulting gap leaves the teeth on either side as well as in the opposite jaw vulnerable and they may begin to move out of their original position.

Until recently, there were only two ways to replace lost teeth, a bridge or dentures. Both of these methods restore the appearance but only part of the function of the lost teeth. Without strong teeth, many foods such as meat and crunchy vegetables become much more difficult or even impossible to eat. Now there is a third alternative, dental implants which are being widely adopted by dentists as the most reliable long-term answer to missing teeth. Many dentists such as Orpington Dental Care are now able to offer their patients a range of different dental implant solutions to missing teeth.

The hidden benefits of dental implants

Although it can be hard to tell if someone else is wearing well made dentures or a bridge, as a wearer yourself, you will be fully aware of them. At times dentures can move when you are talking and eating, and you may find that you become much more self-conscious about socialising, especially when it comes to eating out. Dental implants eliminate this problem, because they are fixed into your jaw and there may come a time when you actually forget that the implant is not your natural tooth.

You will also benefit from the long-term protection of your jaw, dental implants can prevent bone loss helping to support the muscles of your mouth and face and keeping you looking younger for longer. Once they have been placed and are fully healed, individual dental implants should be cared for in the same way as your natural teeth. With proper care, and a good oral health routine, dental implants are a reliable and effective long-lasting solution to tooth loss.