Depression Do’s and Don’ts: Helping a Loved One

Dealing with a Depressed PersonWhile there are campaigns that bring depression into the spotlight for people to understand it, those who do not suffer from the condition need to be more than being aware. They need to be knowledgeable.

Here’s how you may help a depressed person:

1. Do listen and empathize

Listening without judging someone is hard to do. Instead of giving advice and sharing your own experiences, do listen and empathize with what your friend is going through.

2. Do validate

Depressive episodes might seem like a complex new universe for someone who is not suffering from it. However, instead of insisting a logical approach to “solving” the problem, validating their feelings would help them more.

3. Do help them find help

Depressed people need professional medical help. They won’t be able to search for the right doctor for themselves, it is your role to play and find a facility like that helps people suffering from depression.

It’s also necessary to determine how you should not handle a person suffering from this condition.

4. Never say negative things

They might be living in an alternate universe, but never ever say such statements. This will make them feel weaker, ashamed and invalidated, which can do more harm than good. Give them space and allow emotions to play its part.

5. Comparison will not help

People have different crosses to bear, but for someone with depression, other crosses are not as heavy as theirs. Comparing their situation to others will not help them feel better.

7. Do not give up

It is truly hard to deal with someone who is depressed. But, do not give up. After all, you might be their only hope in getting better.

Sadly, the casualties due to depression are still rampant. With the right knowledge in dealing with things, though, your loved ones can be saved from such unfortunate events.