Drink Tap Water and Bring Chocolate: Ways to Save During Your Singapore Trip

Tourists taking a picture togetherTourists from all over the world flock to Singapore despite being among the smallest countries in the world, simply because of the many attractive places to see and things to do in the Lion City.

The downside to being a popular tourist destination is that a lot of things are expensive. However, some of the best ways to save money include drinking tap water and even bringing your own chocolate.

Stretching Your Budget

Prices for food and drinks are quite expensive in Singapore, particularly for alcohol. If you still wish to experience the nightlife, visit bars and nightclubs with designated happy hours.

You can take advantage of discounts on drinks, but take note that you would need to be there earlier than the usual peak times. Women can enjoy free drinks from most establishments if they go on a Wednesday.

If you want to save on ticket prices, including the Sentosa Island cable car, you can search online for the best deals. Many travel companies offer bargain rates for their packages, and you can save money by booking well in advance.

Other Life Hacks

Some money-saving tips might not be as apparent as eating in hawker centres to avoid paying expensive food bills. For instance, it’s not practical to buy a S$20 Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited rides if you’re only staying for three days.

That’s because you’re more likely to spend your time walking from one place to another. Exploring the city-state by train is really nice, but you get to see more if you do it on foot. If you like to try the transit system, get a CEPAS or EZ-Link card instead after you arrive in the country.

The cost of a vacation in Singapore doesn’t come cheap, but that shouldn’t stop you from planning a trip to the country. If your budget allows it, you may save more if you book your vacation with a well-known travel company.