Enhanced aesthetic appeal

Sisters with sweet smilesA person’s teeth are an important factor in their overall appearance. When someone has a gap in their smile, a misaligned bite or a broken tooth, they can suffer from persistent cosmetic worries. Going to the cosmetic dentist in Kingston is a popular way to solve the problems of unsatisfactory dental aesthetics. Modern cosmetic dentistry provides many solutions, from quick and simple treatments to long-term transformations.

Better smiles

A cosmetic dentist in Kingston can improve the appearance of a person’s teeth in many ways. At contemporary dental practices, like Kingston Dental Clinic, teeth whitening is a popular treatment. It’s often chosen by adults whose teeth have turned an undesirable colour. This can happen very slowly as food and drink leave behind traces of residue on the surfaces of the teeth. The residues slowly build up into stains that are difficult to remove with brushing alone.

In the straightforward teeth whitening process, the patient will wear a tray over their teeth. Personalised for a snug fit, this tray contains a whitening agent that will bring a dazzling brightness to the patient’s smile. They can choose the  shade of white they desire before treatment begins. It can even be carried out in the comfort of the patient’s own home.

Long-term changes

Many patients need the cosmetic dentist in Kingston to enhance their dental positioning. Crooked smiles are not just unpleasant to look at. They can be bad for oral health as well. By using discreet and lightweight braces and aligners, the cosmetic dentist in Kingston can straighten a patient’s teeth without causing them too much physical and social discomfort. While it can take some time to achieve this, the results last for many years after the treatment is over.

People with missing teeth can have them replaced by several methods. Dentures and bridges are precisely shaped to the patient’s individual specifications, while dental implants will restore full dental function.

Improving appearances

A visit to the cosmetic dentist in Kingston can provide a person with access to a brighter dental future. Treatment is delivered with tact and efficiency as part of a caring approach.