Experience Better Quality of Sleep with Bamboo Sheets

A woman sleeping peacefully in her bedFrom babies to the elderly, a restful and satisfying sleep is what everyone needs. There are many things that could interrupt your slumber, however, and reduce sleep quality: noise, heat, uncomfortable pillows, a hard bed, or fussy bedmates.

You can deal with all these interruptions at the same time if you switch to bamboo bed sheets. They are getting more popular these days because of their superior tactile quality and the sleep benefits that come with it.

Better Than Luxurious Egyptian Cotton

The softness of bamboo sheets is unparalleled according to most customers. Some would go so far to say that they are better than expensive Egyptian cotton.

Bamboo sheet is indeed softer and silkier to touch compared to cotton. However, this assessment is also dependent on the quality of the sheet itself.

100% bamboo sheets are softer than cotton and bamboo blends, but both are more eco-friendly compared to pure cotton. For instance, Copper Loom Design, a seller and maker of pure and blended bamboo sheets, produces 80% less waste for their cotton and bamboo blend compared to the conventional process of manufacturing fabrics. This should be an additional appeal for the environmentally conscious.

Sleep Comforts

Bamboo sheets are highly absorbent and breathable. They help regulate body temperature by absorbing moisture and humidity between the sheets, keeping your skin dry and cool. This makes them perfect for hot sleepers and young children who are prone to sweating at night.

Speaking of children, they should be able to sleep well on bamboo sheets because the latter are anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. They don’t contain as many chemicals as cotton, reducing the possibility of rashes, allergies or skin asthma.

With discomforts kept at a bare minimum, we will no longer be as fidgety or suddenly wake up in the middle of the night. Parents who sleep with their kids in bed can surely relate. The only interruption you’ll have to deal with then would be sudden noises – and that’s a topic for another discussion.