Family Dental Health: Watching What You Put In Your Mouths

Family Dentist in Sioux FallsRaising a family entails responsibilities and maintaining your household's dental health is an important duty. Considering how vital oral hygiene is today, you might give special thought to what your family members are putting into their mouths. Here are a few essential suggestions:

Healthy Foods – One of the most important ways of keeping your teeth and gums healthy is making sure that you have a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid sugary sweets, junk foods and artificially-flavored drinks. Eating healthy is a habit that your children should be practicing early in life and it's not just for their dental health's sake.

Water – Your saliva is your mouth's way of lubricating itself while reducing the growth of bacteria. Drinking a minimum of 2 liters of water per day is the recommended dose by most doctors to keep your body at optimum level. Children aged five to 7 years old should drink at least a liter of water daily. Nine to 12-year-olds should consume 1.5 liters per day while teenagers should follow the adult dosage.

Brush and Floss – Brushing your teeth at least twice a day should be ingrained as soon as your child's pearly whites have started peaking out of their gums. For babies, you can use a baby brush or clean linen to rub their teeth, gums and tongue. Meanwhile, flossing can be introduced when their teeth have already started to fit close together.

Dentist Check-Ups – Dental visits can be a family affair just so your child will not look at the experience in a negative light. Obviously, they will eventually have dental instruments placed inside their mouths but it won't be a problem if the younger ones have been prepared. Find yourself a Sioux Falls clinic that offers family dentistry services at affordable prices but with friendly staff and dentists.

Your whole family should be aware of what they put in their mouths to protect their teeth. After all, oral care is for everyone of every age. Eventually, they'll be thankful for your vigilance in keeping their mouths clean and healthy.