Flash Your Teeth: Smiling Reduces Stress

Dental HealthA number of studies have shown how smiling directly affects a person’s mood. It also bears noting how smiling reduces stress levels and slows down the heart rate while in difficult situations. These are a few of the beneficial effects that smiling has on a person. The prevalent belief is that the British smile less compared to Americans—that a random smile while strolling the streets of London is rare. A Brit’s usual responses are a blank expression and a frown, but when he does flash a smile, it could most certainly raise his mood and change the outcome of his day.  

Most Brits limit their smiles because of noticeably yellowish or crooked teeth. In Buckinghamshire, Garden View Dental Care notes how cosmetic dentistry does away with the insecurities attached with smiling. Stained teeth discourage smiling, as an individual becomes conscious of his or her teeth. Among the cosmetic dentistry treatments clients can take advantage of are:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • White Fillings
  • Diastema Closure

Also, there are restorative dentistry treatments serving to improve the appearance and function of a person’s teeth, such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Dentures

Orthodontics, or the use of braces and other devices for teeth alignment, is another treatment procedure intended for crooked teeth.

Given these dental services, Brits should feel encouraged to smile more often due to the variety of options they have in improving the overall condition of their teeth. But why should they smile more? Studies have shown the benefits of smiling to a person:

  1. It influences a person’s mood. By smiling, a person feels more positive about life. Even faking a smile works, and even though it is contrived, it encourages the brain to uplift a person’s existing mood.
  2. It reduces stress. People who smile more substantially lower their heart rate and speed stress recovery.
  3. It makes a person more approachable. Applicable in closing deals and improving businesses, smiling increases customer satisfaction by influencing their impressions of likability and friendliness.
  4. It makes a person appear more trustworthy. Psychologically, researchers reveal that the intensity of a smile reflects the level of a person’s sincerity.

These reasons, coupled with the range of dental treatments available, should encourage people to smile more.