Forget Walking on Water: Watersports Take Fun to the Extreme

WakeboardingAquatic sports have their own charm for thrill seekers. Combining the majestic view of the open sea and the sheer strength of the water, it’s no wonder that people make a beeline for the waters to get their adrenaline pumping.

Wakeboarding: Combining Water Skiing, Snowboarding and Surfing

Originally called skurfing, wakeboarding emerged in the 1980s after snowboarding became popular. The idea was pretty simple: riders are pulled by a boat while riding on a surfboard. Because surfboards were too long, a hybrid between a waterski and surfboard was developed and was called a skurfer. Wakeboarding allows a rider to glide on the surface of a body of water while being towed by a motorboat. As suggests, the boat should have the perfect size to create the perfect wave to ride on.

Flyboarding: Blasting Off the Water

Flyboards are high-octane equipment that propel their riders out of the water. Riders in flyboarding stand upright on a small platform, which shoots jets of water downward to send the riders up into the air. With the flyboard, the user will look like a dolphin rocketing out of the water in arcs before diving back into the ocean.

Blob Jumping: Catapulting the Fun 50 Feet High

Blob jumping involves placing a giant inflated airbag on the water near a platform. One person sits on the far edge of the air bag, while another goes up into the platform and jumps toward the unoccupied side of the airbag, sending the first person into the air. That person then lands safely on the water. Blob jumping uses the physics concept of air displacement inside the inflated airbag to send people off like human cannonballs. The sport may not be the classiest way to zoom into the air, but it is definitely a fun way to use an age-old science concept. From riding the waves and blasting out of the water to being catapulted skywards, watersports have made bizarre ways of transforming fun into thrilling activities. With various means to liven up water adventures, the ocean beckons to thrill seekers to get their fill of excitement.