Forget Your Fear About Botox: Here’s the Truth About It

Cosmetic TreatmentDespite of its extreme and continuously growing popularity, many people are still afraid to get Botox injections. The primary reason for this is the lack of knowledge about the substance, combined with the exaggerated, and often unclearly explained stories of people with bad Botox experience.

Getting to the bottom of the real deal behind Botox will help you not only understand why so many people keep using it and why you should consider investing in it as well.

The toxicity

Yes, Botulinum toxin is a substance poisonous to man. In high dosages, it can cause botulism, a severe illness.

But how come Botox injections remain the most popular cosmetic treatment in the world? Luton Botox experts weigh in on the issue.

Only the dose makes it hazardous

The answer to the above-cited question is because only the dose makes Botulinum toxin poisonous to man. In extremely small doses, it can actually be quite beneficial. And these benefits do not just work on a person’s physical appearance. Studies show that its ability to stop muscle contractions also work as a treatment for a variety of other health conditions.

The effect of Botox administration

When injected cosmetically, Botox removes facial wrinkles by temporarily restricting the natural ability of muscles to contract.

The same thing applies for Botox treatments specifically designed for certain muscular condition treatments.

All in all, this substance, when administered correctly and in appropriate dosages, can help people suffering from different health conditions.

Other uses

Although Botox injections are primarily for cosmetic applications, it is also useful as a treatment for eye squinting, eyelid spasms, neck and shoulder muscle spasms, cross eyes, leaky bladders, excessive sweating, severe headaches, and even chronic migraines. There are more than 20 different medical conditions where the administration of Botox plays major, beneficial roles.

As you can see, Botox is not something you should still be afraid of. Just make certain you work with a professional licensed to carry out and provide these injections and treatments.