From Natural to Historical: Sources of Inspiration for Jewellery Design

Gold and pearl jewelry in boxesDesigning jewellery is an art of special ornamentation and the study of assembling objects and materials for the embellishment of both men and women. Jewellery designers in the UK like employ originality, skill and creativity with the capacity to envision concepts simply by examining, recording and observing things around them.

These designers typically discover their inspiration through their experiences with dreams, music, literature, religion, art and nature, to name a few. These primary sources of information surround you, but you probably never noticed them before. Take a step back and learn to appreciate your surroundings to find some of these sources yourself.

Natural Sources

Natural sources consist of trees, shells, animals, birds, insects, fauna, flora and other life forms. These designers can either form abstracts or duplicate them. Abstraction involves utilising piece and part of original forms and then changing or mixing these forms to develop an entirely new form.

Manmade Sources

Manmade sources are countless things man created. Designers can use motif or ideas from various types of instruments, machinery, utensils, building, fabrics and others. Working with these motifs and designs will provide you new experiences and the opportunity to find something new using mixtures and variations of these manmade sources.

Historical Sources

Historical sources can be found in ancient jewellery, calligraphy painting, vases, sculptures, historical monuments, libraries and museums. History is full of inspiration and expression, particularly as it saw brilliant periods of art, such as Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Baroque, Egyptian and Medieval. Merging contemporary and conservative concepts, as well as, reinterpreting ancient art forms can lead to an original and new design.

Aside from the sources listed here, jewellery exhibitions, stores, photographs, catalogues, books and magazines will help you draw information. Just make sure that you maintain your originality and style throughout the design process.

Keep in mind that designing jewellery is not just about putting pieces together that seem to match. It involves skill, creativity and originality from designers who get their inspiration from everything around them.