Get Fit During Winter Holidays: Shed Pounds By Skiing

Shed Pounds By SkiingTourists who have booked a ski holiday this year would look forward to perfecting their ski techniques. They would ski for hours perfecting their carve turns and racing to the “imaginary” finish line in record time.

What these skiers do not realise is that they are losing weight. It might seem like a crazy idea that people can lose weight during the holidays. knows that skiing is like any other sport. It gets the heart rate going which allows the body to burn off calories.

Burn 2,500-3,000 Calories

People who ski for at least six hours a day can potentially burn around 2,500 to 3,000 calories. This number can go up if the slope is steeper. A freezing temperature can also push the body to lose even more calories as the body burns fat in order to stay warm.

This sport provides a good workout to all the major muscles in the body. The inner and outer thighs are toned thanks to the crouching position involved in skiing. When people make a turn, they work out their arms, back and abdominal region.

Cross-Country Skiing or Downhill Skiing?

When people are downhill skiing, they cruise through the snow easily thanks to gravity. On the other hand, cross-country skiing involves uphill climbing similar to mountaineering. People who combine cross-country skiing with downhill skiing can expect to burn a massive 1,000 calories an hour.

Combine Skiing with a Healthy Diet

The basic idea of losing weight is to increase the number of calories burned and decrease the number of calories gained from eating food. All those burned calories would be wasted if people consumed the typical fattening foods like greasy burgers and chips. Instead, people should eat wholesome, sustaining snacks, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables.

Although the thought of losing weight might motivate people to ski harder, people should take a break when they are exhausted to avoid injuries.