Get Your Affairs in Order: Being Prepared for the Big Sleep

In the HospitalYour doctor instructs you to “get your affairs in order” after your last appointment. It is perhaps one of the simplest yet most devastating sentences in the world. It means it’s over; there’s nothing more that can be done.

Nobody’s ever truly prepared to face this kind of situation. Dying is, as they say, the great equalizer, in that nobody can escape it—whatever race, whatever life situation. Death comes for everyone. The situation above is, at least, an opportunity to prepare for the big sleep. Some people don’t have that luxury. It just happens. Then the family is left with nothing but confusion and despair, and perhaps, a huge hospital or funeral bill.

Preparing for the end is not a morbid thing; it’s a wise move, actually. You don’t have to be sick or old to be worried about it. You can prepare for it while you are looking at it from a distance. At least, your family won’t be faced with debt and despair all at the same time.

Plan your estate

Estate planning is not exclusively for the very rich, as is commonly believed. You can plan yours. Whatever you leave behind, you know it’s going to the person or persons you chose. There will be no confusion. Nobody has to sue someone else to get his or her fair share. If you’re a parent, you can name a legal guardian in case your spouse is dead, unfit to be a parent, or simply isn’t willing to take care of your child or children.

Plan your funeral

A pre-arranged funeral in Ogden will protect your family from the potentially high cost of a service and burial. Pre-need arrangements make the situation a little easier on those who survive you. They already have to deal with your death emotionally; don’t let them deal with it financially too, says Aaron's Mortuary & Crematory.

Being prepared isn’t about being negative or morbid; it’s about being realistic. The end will come; you just don’t know how or when so there’s no point in pretending you’ll always have time to get your affairs in order. Do it now.