Go Big or Go Home: What is the Right Way to Propose?

Proposal in DenverMarriage proposals: even when just about every idea seems to have been used in a movie or video you can view on YouTube, there will always be something unique that somebody will come up with. And that’s the beauty of it: you can either copy someone’s idea or think up something of your own. The most important part is how much it means to the both of you.


The more elaborate your proposal idea is, the more preparation it needs. Don’t get caught with a half-baked plan. Plan the details from a to z and get down to business. As spontaneous it might seem (surprise is the word), it should take at least a few weeks to plan. Talk to the people you might be involving, such as your fiancée’s family, best friends, or the waiter at the restaurant. People are always ready to help with proposals.

Go big…

A custom engagement ring from a Denver jeweler, a flash mob, a drum line, a full band—there are many ways to go big. If you’ve been planning to buy her a car, this is a perfect time to propose. Talk to the dealership manager when your girlfriend is not around. When you come back to get the car, tell your fiancée that you’re just looking at prospects. The car should be alone in an area of the showroom, with a small ribbon on the hood or the dash where the boxed engagement ring would be sitting. You can also have one of the sales people hand her the key to the car with the ring beside it in a specialized box.

Go home…

Sometimes, the best proposals happen at home, during your most relaxed moments. Have her favorite author sign a copy of the new book she’s been thinking of buying. Hand it to her when she wakes up on the weekend. The dedication can read something like, “Will you marry him?” instead of the usual dedication, with the ring taped beside the dedication. You can also leave it beside her on the bed, or under the lamp, like a spotlight.

There are a million and one ways to propose. The secret is timing, and the meaning will give you the best idea.