Hearing Aids: The Need to Make It Accessible and Affordable

Hearing Aids in MinneapolisLoss of hearing is a natural life process that comes as a person ages. You may find yourself talking louder to your grandfather than you would to your father. But there are cases when newborn babies are not spared from the disability. Though purchasing hearing aids are available in Minneapolis, the prices of such devices are often overwhelming.

No insurance coverage

Loss of hearing, despite being common in people, is ironically not part of most insurance deals (both private and public). It is often perceived as something inevitable as it is something that occurs gradually. Insurance covers your injured arm or leg, but not your loss of hearing because it is something common and is less life threatening.

Generally, insurance companies cover hearing examinations but do not cover hearing aid expenses. This is a big disadvantage to hearing disables people as devices usually cost around US$1,000-US$3,000 depending on one’s needs.

Getting the best hearing aid deal

At present, only three states — Arkansas, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island, require insurance companies to provide hearing aid insurance for both children and adult. However, this should not discourage you having that device. Though few, there are insurance companies that cover hearing aid devices. Special privilege is also given to army veterans. The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), provide insurance aids to veterans whose loss of hearing was connected to his military service or is connected with one or more conditions treated at a VA hospital.

Various foundations and programs also provide aid for people who are financially incapable. Lastly, private organizations are working their way to provide cheaper versions of hearing aids that cost 30%-50% cheaper. While it might take time before hearing aids can be as accessible as eye glasses, you can already find various stores online or physical shops that sell them.

Research, research, and research, chances are you would find the best deal that would help you or your loved one hear the beauty of the world again.