How Bowling Can Help You Strike With Life

a person playing bowlingThere is nothing like bowling—the weight of the ball and the sound of knocking down those pins are just some of the reasons why it’s remained popular after all these years. Young and old alike are drawn to bowling as a past time or recreational activity but did you know that bowling has its health benefits too?

As a sport, bowling takes incredible skill and precision to master. And while it may look easy, bowling remains one of the hardest sports to master. In Illinois, bowling alleys like Edison’s Entertainment Complex not only allow you to have a great time with friends but also reap its many benefits.

Perfect Health, Perfect Game

It may not look like it, but bowling is actually an effective form of exercise. Bowlers burn 175-300 calories an hour—equivalent to jumping rope for 25 minutes. Bowlers also develop stronger muscles, especially in the wrist and hands. A bowler will lift up that heavy, 14-pound ball up 54 times a game. That means that you’re working out your shoulders, arms, and legs up to 54 times.

Bowling also develops a person’s flexibility and balance with every swing of the ball. Bowling also helps develop better hand-eye coordination. After all, swinging that ball around rack after rack is no joke.

Social Kingpin

Bowling is easily the most social sport there is. According to the Bowling Foundation, approximately 2 million Americans socialize and bowl together each week in leagues all across the country. Bowling allows people from all walks of life to interact and engage in healthy competition.

Bowling also allows us to bond more with family. Studies have shown that people who develop more bonds with families and friends have a reduced risk of heart disease and stress. After all, what’s more relaxing than knocking down a few pins?

These many benefits show that bowling is not just for dads and their friends but for people from all walks of life. Consider bowling as a form of exercise and pretty soon, you could be bowling in the PBA.