How Investing in Digital Design Helps Businesses Grow

Marketing team working in an officeWhile digital design agencies are known for providing beautiful logos for businesses, they also help a company in other ways. Digital designers are not just artists; they are integral partners for helping businesses reach their full potential.

Here are some ways digital designers help business:

Well-Executed Collateral

According to Brand Watch, around 3.2 billion images are being shared on the internet every day. Businesses everywhere are taking advantage of these image-heavy platforms. Instagram, for example, currently has over 25 million business profiles, with an audience of one billion active users.

Digital designers help businesses stand out with well-executed and high-quality collateral. Digital designers now wear multiple hats; they provide graphic designs, digital illustrations, vector art, product photography, picture retouching, and more. Excellent collateral helps businesses communicate effectively with their customers and improve their reputation.

Consistent Visual Identity

In an article in Design Week’s UK publication, Paul Bailey, a London-based creative, says that the recent logo rebrands of companies like Google and Spotify prove that design is invaluable in conveying the identities and characters of businesses.

This consistent visual identity makes businesses recognisable for customers, especially when it translates across multiple platforms. Shaun McGurk, a creative director, uses the Airbnb logo as his example. The logo remains just as recognisable even when viewed as a single letter icon on a smartphone home screen.

Strengthening of the Brand

Designers can help businesses build their brand as they go through the design process together. Designers make sure that businesses understand their purpose and product so that all digital collateral remains coherent. According to Bailey, a brand is not just about an image but also the environment and experience encompassing the entire business.

Working with designers helps businesses become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses. Design thinking, for example, is a method that requires constant back-and-forth between designer and client, with frequent ideations and iterations. Through constant communication, businesses can refine their identity and positioning.

Digital designers today are not just service providers. They are partners that manage overall visual solutions to help businesses everywhere become more successful.