How to Choose the Correct Snowboard Pants for You

a man on a snowboard tripOne of the most important aspects of snowboarding is getting the right gear. You have to make sure that you are buying or renting the right set, so you are comfortable and safe during the whole activity. The way each gear looks should only come in second.

Here, we will discuss the tips that you should follow when looking for new Obermeyer snowboard pants to purchase.

1. Get Waterproof Ones

You would not want water and ice to seep through your pants, would you? Get a pair of snowboard pants that are completely taped or fully seam sealed, so you know that water would not seep inside even if you crash or sit on the ice.

This is also useful when the weather gets bad and the rain starts to pour, as you would completely be protected from getting your innerwear wet.

2. You Want the Breathable Ones

Yes, it is possible to sweat even when skating or snowboarding on ice. This is usually due to the fact that your snowboard pants are not breathable and that it won’t allow any type of air to come through.

The breathability of snowboard pants is usually measured in grams, so you can measure how much air goes through it.

3. Think of the Warmth

While getting some air in is a must, thinking about the warmth that you will need is equally important. You will be playing in a mountain of ice for several hours, which is why you definitely have to make sure that you will get all the warmth that you need during this time.

Insulated snowboard pants will keep you warmer and comfortable. If you need extra warmth in there, then make sure to use some long thermal underwear underneath your pants.

Ask the manufacturer and see which ones would be perfect for you. Do not buy snowboard pants and gear on a whim, as doing so may only lead to a huge waste of money.