How To Make Your Kids Not Fear The Dentists

Dentist in LafayetteFor some children, a trip to the dentist is probably the best way to ruin a weekend. And for some parents, it is often heartbreaking to see kids crying before, during and after a dental appointment. But who could blame them? Dental procedures can be quite scary to most children and even to some adults.

If you have children, here are some tips from on how to make them drop their fears of dentists or at least make the appointments a fun experience.

  • First of all, make sure your dentist is trained to handle child patients. This is not just about a candid demeanor. Oral healthcare professionals go through specific training focused on treating dental problems in children.
  • Kids are often wary of strangers, especially the ones who hold shiny, sharp tools and wearing a mask that covers the mouth. For some, it conjures images of nightmares that can set them up for life. To get rid of this image, you can bring your child to the dental clinic a day before their appointment so they can get acquainted with their dentist without the mask and the tools. This is a good way to build trust. You can drop by even without an appointment to a dentist in Lafayette to have your kid meet and greet the staff.
  • Starting dental care early is a good way to encourage your kids not only to have good oral hygiene but also good relationships with healthcare providers. This will help them from developing fears of clinics and hospitals. The habits they form early in life can set them for life. Avoid bribing your kids with sweets or other treats after a dental visit. Even if it’s a healthy option (like an apple), bribery isn’t the way to go.

You need to make them understand that dental care is important and it is a part of life. What you need to change is their mindset. You don’t need to scare them either. Making them understand that dental visits are good habits is the best way to go.