How Tooth Loss Impacts the Quality of Your Life

Tooth LossThere are quite a number of reasons for people to lose one (or several) of their teeth. A blow to the mouth and trauma are usual causes, but the most common is none other than failure to maintain optimal oral health. When plaque starts to accumulate and attack your teeth, it will result in caries and gum disease, and ultimately, loss of a tooth.

Losing a tooth affects many aspects of your life, including your self-confidence, self-esteem, and of course, your chewing/biting, eating and speaking abilities.

Dental implants = Natural teeth

Of all the tooth replacement options you have (dentures, for example), dental implants deliver the most number of benefits. Not only do they look almost like natural teeth; they also serve the same purposes. There is also a difference to how it feels, with some people even feeling like they still have their natural teeth.

Jawbone stimulation = Prevention of bone disintegration

As mentioned above, dental implants stand above the rest of the tooth replacement options, not just because they look and function like natural teeth; they also stimulate the jawbone. Dentures and other tooth replacement appliances cannot perform this function, so choosing them puts you at greater risk of bone disintegration.

According to, implants, on the other hand, stimulate the jawbone, which then keeps it working properly; thus, you no longer have to worry about further bone loss. These permanent tooth replacements further strengthen your jawbone.

Loss of bone = Altered facial appearance

When the jawbone does not receive stimulation, it will start to melt away. The result: a significant change in how you look. You will appear older than you really are since your mouth and the surrounding area will shrink.

Prevent these problems from occurring by contacting a Loughton dental implant clinic, so that you can have the lost tooth replaced as soon as possible.