How Veneers Can Help You Achieve Success

Getting VeneersAre bad teeth the reason some Brits have a “stiff upper lip?” Mike Myers got laughs for his portrayal of British spy Austin Powers complete with yellowed buckteeth and body hair. Even the boys from Liverpool did not let their bad teeth get in the way of fame. But, it is not a joke for the ordinary citizen that has to hide a smile for fear of being the subject of ridicule. 

Times have changed, and so has the average Briton’s attitude towards smile and the appearance of teeth. Veneers can go far to help you overcome the stereotype.

Veneers improve colour

Most people have slightly yellow teeth and it looks fine, provided it is not too yellow. Anyone with white teeth probably has dentures or caps, and they do not look natural. However, some teeth are darker than others for some reason, and they look dirty. Smileworks explains that veneers may help you achieve a stunning smile. They come in a wide range of colours that can match your natural teeth colour so it still looks natural. 

Veneers improve texture

Another problem many people have with their teeth is the texture. You can have bends, folds or pitting in the teeth, sometimes due to medicines you take, or a medical condition. Veneers can improve the surface of otherwise healthy teeth to make it look smooth and healthy.

Veneers help improve lives 

Most people find nice teeth attractive and attractive people are usually more successful. This applies to their personal as well as professional lives. The British Dental Health Foundation says 80% of people will talk to strangers if they like their smile. Smiles come in second in the attraction meter in general next to personality, and top the list of people when it comes to choosing a partner. Employers are more likely to hire people they find attractive.

If your teeth are healthy but not pleasing, veneers can help your self-esteem by making you feel more attractive. You do not have to stick to the British stereotype for bad teeth. Veneers can be expensive, but an attractive smile can make you more successful.