I Have Dentures But I Would Like Something More Permanent, What Can you Suggest?

Dental ImplantsIf you have a full set of dentures, you might find they sometimes rub your gums and give you problems, or that they come loose when you are eating. Well there could be a solution for you. Did you know that you could make your dentures permanent? Yes! Dentists are now able to fix the dentures to your gums permanently, using dental implants. This treatment could give you all the benefits of a secure set of teeth, which you don’t need to take out each night. Dental implants require good bone density, so if this treatment sounds like what you are looking for, then give your local dentist a visit to find out if you are eligible. Dental implants are available for anyone who is missing teeth, not just to secure in dentures. They are a fast growing trend and offer an easy solution to regain your best smile.

If you are looking for dental implants, braces or a check-up then why not try Enhance Dental Practice in Leeds. Did you know that not all adults in the UK go for regular check-ups? It is true! Many adults admit to giving the dentist a miss, for various reasons. If you can’t remember when you last had your teeth checked, it is recommended giving your dentist a call to find out.

Dental phobia is now affecting more people in the UK. As much as one in four adults, admit to having a fear of the dentist. This is called dental phobia and dentists are becoming more aware and understanding about this. If you avoid dental check-ups because of fear, then be assured that dental appointments are not as scary as you might remember them. Dentists are very compassionate and understand that many patients carry a fear of pain. Let your dentist know how you are feeling so they can be extra gentle with you.

What can help with your dental phobia? Once you have booked an appointment, ask a friend to come and join you on that day for emotional support. Remember that a check-up is only a chance for the dentist to ‘check’ your teeth, if any treatment is needed then this will be done in a follow-up appointment.