Ibogaine: A Promising Treatment for Addiction

Alcohol abuseAlcohol abuse and substance addiction are long-lasting issues. In fact, even what seems like harmless prescriptions pills may eventually lead to serious addiction problems. These prescription painkillers are highly addictive to a point that individuals become dependent on them.

But, many find it difficult to stop using these drugs or substances because of the debilitating effects of drug withdrawal. As a result, certain treatments have emerged to help people suffering from addiction. One of the most popular today is ibogaine treatment.

What is Ibogaine?

Ibogaine is a naturally occurring psychoactive substance that has been shown to interject substance use disorders, says Ibogaine Clinic. It’s derived from a plant called Tabernanthe iboga. This plant has been used for centuries by ancient communities in West Africa for healing purposes.

How Does It Work?

This herbal remedy aims to clear the brain of addictive cravings while offering spiritual insights. It’s like a detox treatment for both physical and spiritual benefits. It works by interrupting the signals from the brain to curb addiction and at the same time, offer a spiritual connection to oneself.

Who Offers Ibogaine Treatment?

There are many ibogaine centers that aim to help people suffering from addiction regain their lives back. These centers are geared toward the use of ibogaine as an effective remedy to help people quit using addicting substances easier and faster.

Ibogaine is an effective treatment for addiction. In fact, many studies have shown its benefits, especially for people who are faced with addiction and substance dependency problems. Since it’s an herbal derivative, it ensures safety and it won’t lead to serious side effects like chemical dependency.

Ibogaine therapy, however, consists of a safety screening protocol, a thorough assessment of the patient, and a structured treatment environment. These ensure that the procedures are properly administered and the right doses are given.