The Joy of a Great Smile

For millennia, people have worried about their looks. Go back to any ancient burial site and there are beads and decorative clothing and even false teeth. Humans have always wanted a great smile, and up until now, it was a matter of luck and diet, which was often also a matter of luck. But now, for the first time ever, cosmetic dentistry in Loughton can give anyone the physical and psychological benefits that come from having a great smile.

In Loughton, cosmetic dentistry in the 21st century has a treatment to fix any problem that a patient seeks help with, from dental practices such as Broadway Dental Clinic. Missing teeth, damaged teeth, wonky teeth, discoloured teeth, gappy teeth — all of these issues can be fixed. There’s even a treatment for gums.

The treatment package

Cosmetic dentistry in Loughton can be seen as something separate from general dentistry. Someone comes in and says ‘I hate my smile’, and the cosmetic dentist suggests various treatments that could transform it into a thing of beauty that is a joy to behold. This may take only one kind of treatment, or it could take a combination of treatments. The dentist may suggest a chipped tooth has a veneer over it, and the teeth are all freshened up with a whitening treatment. A combination of treatments is known as a smile makeover. Very often, if people come in for braces treatments to correct wonky teeth, something that tends to take several months, they will celebrate the end of their treatment with teeth whitening to really make the most of their lovely straight teeth.

However, cosmetic dentistry in Loughton does not have to be an all-in-one-go kind of thing. People may find that over the years they have the odd treatment to keep their smile in great shape: a veneer to fix that tooth that got chipped when they were mucking about a school; whitening to mark the fact that they’ve been off cigarettes for over a year; cosmetic bonding to bring that one front tooth into line with its neighbours.

Whatever the reasons, dentistry can finally provide what so many people have hankered for, for so long.